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" travel heaven and earth " of magazine manuscript: Only then emperor footmark

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More than 2200 years ago, the car a man-drawn carriage used in ancient times of the first emperor of Chinese has boiled from the rumble on this land. Qin Shi emperor realized his dream eventually, from loess Gao Po went " the end of the day " . Also be to be more than 2000 years ago, blessing of the first navigator Xu of Chinese, set foot on those who look for hill of maritime celestial being not to put in a road 's charge from here. Here, namely " of China good look at horn " -- into hilltop.

There is name quite in year period into hilltop, be called " morning sun happy dance " the ground -- the dance since sunny joy, character here scene is elegant, do not wish even Phoebus to leave. But because,fame rises greatly truly still is your arrival of the first emperor of Chinese hereat.

According to " history write down " account, after Qin Shi emperor unites China, for many times east make one's rounds. Qin Shi emperor 28 years (before 219 years) , "Only then emperor east travel county county, go up Zou Yi hill, establish stone, with Lu Zhu the Confucian scholar is discussed, cut heart of rock song the Qin Dynasty, the issue that discusses mountains and rivers-land of Feng Chanwang hold a memorial ceremony for... then and to the south of the Bohai Sea, too yellow sleep, become hill thoroughly, ascend Zhi Fu, establish Shi Songde and go. Establish Shi Songde and go..

"Become hill thoroughly " the end that went to become hill namely. Qin Shi emperor arrived to become mountain stronghold, think to reach the end of the day, make compose of prime minister Li Si " at day of Qin Dong door " , peak of the top of head of consistent tablet Yu Chengshan. Ming Jiajing year monument snaps two chunk by be struck by lightning, on half have word part to fall into the sea, the base of existent summit is 120 centimeters tall, 145 centimeters wide, thick 75 centimeters. According to expert textual research, this tablet stone is aqueous rock character, differ character with Cheng Shanshi, should belong to " Qin Daili stone " .

The temple that into hilltop the whole nation commemorates Qin Shi emperor exclusively -- only then emperor temple. It is located at issueing in relief slope into mountain peak, it is the make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital that Qin Shi emperor builds when Dong Xuncheng hilltop formerly. Ming Zhengde 7 years of be on fire and destroy, see now only then emperor temple is Xu Fuchang of a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest of Changjiang Delta of Qing Daoguang the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor is chaired build, in store is returned in temple now his emergence coffin. The scale of temple is not large, but red column of audience hall blue bricks, upturned eaves be high up in the air, crown of face of gold of the statue inside the hall, bearing majesty, also have some of tolerance.

" 3 neat jot " in account, qin Shi emperor east here of your arrival of make one's rounds, the purpose is to seek immortal not old drug, after seeing wonderful sunrise here, give orders from Cheng Shanxiu a bridge, rise the place since to the sun. He fills the of great capacity day and night, touched the Dragon King of the East China Sea, the Nereus that satisfy a clique aids, only then emperor paints Nereus picture secretly, offend Nereus bate, abandon bridging project swagger off, leave 4 pier only, this is now " relics of bridge of the Qin Dynasty " , accepting dolefully 100000 the ablution of storm.
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