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Of green power sea: "Green is vegetable " with " green fuel "

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Granary is solid and tell ceremony, have a meal when people after abdomen, eat well, the main pursuit that takes healthily to become people. In power sea, "Green is vegetable " concept is not the meaning on pure colour, however environmental protection, healthy pronoun.

Whole city's biggest sale interlinks inn -- area of vegetable of supermarket of spirits of power sea sugar always is poll assemble is moved. Since station of spirits of sugar of supervisory bureau of technology of power sea city, power sea will be released last year in August " without vegetable of social effects of pollution chain manages a press conference " later, the business is more hot. Introduce according to president Wang Peihuan, from 2001 first, they begin exploration to begin without vegetable of social effects of pollution chain is managed, through a year of much effort, in whole town the choice built two place to produce base without vegetable of social effects of pollution, last year June, through concerning a section the examination checks and accept approve, manage formally in vegetable on use " indicate without produce of social effects of pollution " , be at ease one year without social effects of pollution to social sale on vegetable 10 thousand tons.

Every morning at 6 o'clock half, all sorts of vegetable pull registered office of sugar spirits supermarket from base, without vegetable of social effects of pollution the laboratory begins to have nervous job, unqualified vegetable pullbacks, eligible vegetable stays, the box of have enough to meet need that fits the unified specification that makes into the packing material of free from contamination of use green, environmental protection, by without vegetable of social effects of pollution special close last the car sends ten toward whole town to interlink inn, what use even locksmith each is but degradation is avirulent polybag, vegetable is being filled with such polybag, arrived finally on the table of the innumberable families.

Regard the Song Cun that does not have one of demonstrative base of agriculture of social effects of pollution as the town, relied on kind of vegetable a few this years to send money. But they get rich and do not go up in quantitative dimensions, and go up in quality. "Buy pesticide before, buy chemical fertilizer, money is spent not less, dish does not sell however on valence; Do not make now chemical fertilizer pesticide, sell fund more than before, kind green vegetable is economical. " the ground says buoyant of a vegetable grower. According to technology of power sea city supervisory bureau standardizes section chief of division forest happy fruit to introduce, so far, power sea has a state class and provincial taste demonstrative area without family property of social effects of pollution each 1, city class 6, obtain in all without attestation of produce of social effects of pollution 31, among them greengrocery 12. To these products, the technology supervises a branch to have sampling observation regularly, ensure an accord with actually.
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