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Of green power sea: "A farmer " with " world celebrity "

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If you see Gu Cheng, you are broken won't think of the farmer of this delicate in health and world celebrity couplet one case, however his it is a celebrity truly really, and not be the empty title that buys, it is U.N. Environment Programme issue " whole ball condition protects 500 beautiful " title. Will tell to Gucheng, symbol of this title name actually.

The Gu Cheng that has studied a book 3 years only is very small follow fruiter contact with, in green orchard pruning is hit it is his happiest life. After reforming and opening, gu Chengcheng is Weihaidi a SOHO, it is whole glue east the peninsula does estate the first times to get rich. Be full of poineering passion when him, chop oneself to be planted with one's own hands the fruiter below, when the lid has wood of mud of a catchment, replaced birdie when the noise of Ga of Ga of crane Zhi Zhi when bleating, gu Cheng felt to green a kind of injustice feels suddenly: "Myself destroyed them, not should such! Not should such!!

However the development of estate not because of his individual penitent and stop a pace, go after comfortable and capacious residence to already made the trend that the society develops, everybody is held back. Gu Cheng also admits this, but the person's spirit cannot leave green. How to do? One day, a strange thought gets Gu Cheng's head: Can you plant in house thing? Such people have a house to live, green also does not decrease, be the favour of make the best of both worlds?

This thought let Gu Cheng have bitter taste, him from " 10 thousand yuan door " became pauper. He stopped to manage, clear away travelling bag, take hanging wall to tangle, he issues Nanjing, walk along Xiamen, inspect wall of firedamp, heat preservation, conservatory... when walking along Lu Xi, he is ill, fall in roadside, the discovery when awaking lies in the broken house of an old person, be born in house catch fire, the old person boils hot boiling water to him, ate to be able to take out best food to him -- black area steamed bread of corn. Travelling expenses is insufficient, dodder along returns the home. After coming home, he was written " shallow a few think of a way that reforms by the building " one article, come to Beijing.

"I am taking a paper to enter construction ministry. Come to pleasant members of a family, live in acting acting red nursery school, lodge does not let enter, draw out smoke sincerely yours, go in. Department of science and technology, bourg department... string will be strung together, say not to put in them 's charge to be in charge of, perhaps study. " the person that have keep in mind, the thing is become unexpectedly. Construction ministry serves this sentence seriously eventually difficult, taking the glue with hank to-and-fro paper east farmer. They are serious differentiate listens his word, some uncannily, zoology building serves as titbit of newest science and technology to just transmitted a few words from Germany, and this farmer studied however so one caboodle, have heat preservation wall, have green metope, have irrigate system... the green that those who compare Germany is material revolution merely is built further. Construction invites him to attend on ministry horse " conference of job of information of science and technology of countrywide construction system " . On the meeting, the look that teachs an expert is centered on this SOHO body that attends the meeting at one's own expenses. Expert scholar also is troubled by not clear zoology to build at that time is how to return a responsibility, the gain that gives Gu Cheng then fell " need a definition " conclusion. After Gu Cheng goes back, wrote again " zoology architectural is summarized " wait for an article, established zoology the 2nd year to build an institute at one's own expenses. Qu Geping of director of bureau of national environmental protection says at that time: "Research of a farmer is the newest task on the world probably, very marvelous! " at the beginning of 90 time, construction ministry science and technology manages and occur for the first time of state committee of science and technology gives scientific research task he, allocate funds 120 thousand yuan, 1991, the zoology house that farmer cereal becomes won national patent.
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