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One of green power seas: "Inherent beautiful qualitative " with " the environmen

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(the article builds city 15 years at propagandist power sea is 5 years ago, become city of model of the first environmental protection of Chinese group and write. When some content already were passed, also alter no longer, preserve former appearance. Regrettablly this thing a strange combination of circumstances was not published finally. )

The person that power of great capacity reachs too a few years ago comes again power sea, ground of meeting deep feeling says: Power sea change is too big!

Before establishing ground level town 1987, power sea is small town of a seaside, a read smoothly sheds such appearance: "A driveway two lamps, whole town of a horn lets, full market of a police runs, one boils a fish half city raw meat or fish. " population is insufficient 70 thousand, town planning construction does not talk basically to go up, a few shabby Xiaolou are only erect be in urban center, the seaside has the boat that fish and the fisherman that knit a net. And after 15 years today, power sea is picture another however: What urban area expands is very severalfold, population increased 40 much, urban construction looks brand-new, each career is in the society swift and violent development, GDP of average per capita already exceeded 3000 dollars, already strode the doorsill of comparatively well-off society, the train of thought that developing in order to exceed groovy, bouncing type now, struggle to break up 3 times to 2020.

Come again the person of power sea also has another to plaint: Power sea did not change!

The person is wealthy, the city is beautiful, and swift and violent development of 15 years is right how much didn't the hill landscape water here change unexpectedly. Past is green water green hill, now is green hill green water; Past is blue sea blue sky, now is blue sky blue sea; The air in the past is fresh, refreshing, present air is OK still " former outfit is exported " . This Shandong peninsula most east the terrestrial Sukhavati of end, still describe like ancient poetry in that way: "All around of hill of one inlet annulus, as if abode of peach garden person " .

"Inherent beautiful qualitative " with " the environment establishs town "

Power sea 3 annulus sea, coasting 1000 kilometers, 1/3 what hold Shandong province, here the four seasons is trenchant, xia Mo intense heat of summer, the winter does not have severe cold, climate is delightful; Here nature scene is beautiful, show of onshore hill Qing Dynasty, water, Lin Mi, littoral beach is smooth, sanded fine, reef is strange, coastal water area is distributinging islands of nearly 100 size and beautiful bay. Power sea-ox a graceful girl, inherent beautiful qualitative, zhuo Er not group.

With companion of green hill photograph, be linked together with the sea, the sea fostered the people here not only, and also brought boundless joy to them. Arrive summer, the seaside became happy ocean. 1000 a dry measure used in former times bead jade, billow of green jade of 10 thousand just, can't help letting a person " swim " promote big hair. Between dripping wet of merry and lively, trouble and go. Tired, sit in the bank small resting moment, yao sees the sailing boat that sways in sea wind, of the rise high into the air on offing jump fish, the mew that flies when dwell is mixed when the small crab that plays on the beach, relaxed and happy letting a person.
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