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Of green power sea: "Swan father " with " swan bodyguard "

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Flourish is become into city there is a capacious and winding sea Tu De to take near Shan Weizhen, begin from November each winter, the high guest that from Xinjiang day hill mid Bayinbuluke comes from afar -- white swan, fly to here live through the winter with respect to add of meeting land add, the coming year of not better than January, amount to tens of thousands of, gang, whole lake face is white. They or lie or stand, or swim or go, or circle in the air or run quickly, the beauty of attitude lets person exclaim. The exceedingly good natural condition such as quiet bay, rich algal, abundant fresh water and the air temperature that zero controls, make here becomes one of habitats of 4 big swan live through the winter.

Can make friend with big swan, to local, ceng Zou crosses a paragraph of tortuous path. Culture Revolution period, till at the beginning of 80 time, because be badly off,wait for a reason, the phenomenon that local chaos catchs excessive to kill big swan is very serious still. On the market of around country, the fellow that sells swan can twist the long neck that removes swan to pulling voice to cry: "Will quickly buy, this is the swan flesh that n/med leprosy breaths out toad to also want to eat! " in those days, big swan is seeing a person be gotten as seeing hide like Hades far.

As standard of living raise the buildup with environmental protection consciousness, people more and more regard swan as oneself friend. A person is in this among them result cannot do not have, he is flourish retire into 28 middle schools geographical teacher Li Mingwei.

Mr. Li is taking student cure to pass since Culture Revolution period countless get hurt big swan. Catch excessive to reduce the time of swan in disorder in somebody, he himself bought stage camera, time saunters in seaside, haven, before seeing somebody catchs swan to go up, advise in earnest the ground is dissuaded, do not listen those who persuade, he takes camera to take a picture, the family asks what he does, he says to pat swan, become to the student data. The person that arrests swan knows be in the wrong oneself, must somewhat convergent. Catch swan without the person, he guides a student to observe the life characteristics of swan and mobile rule. Of his compose " the new discovery of ground of swan live through the winter " one article is reprinted in the press of countrywide much home, caused the attention of scholar of domestic and international expert, lai Rongcheng of Ma Lide of student studying abroad of former 1990 Germany inspects swan, visited Mr. Li Mingwei technically, call him " Oriental swan father " .

Introduce according to Mr. Li, annual when big swan just came, the space that leaves a person should be in 1200 meters of above. And be about every year to leave when them when, have 559 meters only with the person's distance. And the distance in German hamburger and Japanese Hokkaido swan and person is 0, people can be fed to swan at any time feed. He hopes, like be close to big swan, the mankind approachs the civilized level of natural, close nature, can move toward as soon as possible from 559 meters 0.
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