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Of green power sea: "Urban garden " with " garden city "

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Power sea urban district has numerous and large park, park of sea of such as power, park of forest of home of park of park of chess hill forest, forest of home of Liu Gong insularity, maritime park, double insularity is waited a moment, however the biggest park is itself of power sea city, the city is the oldest view.

City of plan and construction, regard the one part of the plan and construction as garden greenbelt, this is the route that pass and great majority city is taking, and power sea do exactly the opposite, power sea is not " the garden is established in the city " , however " the city is built in the garden " , urban construction does not beg dimensions, but beg elegant, premise is the destruction that reduces pair of environments. Each corners inside rambling city, it may be said is see everywhere all green, wave everywhere sweet. Outside the place that the urban district can spread except cement, square brick, all enclothe for flower bed, lawn and tree, urban floor not soiled by a speck of dust. Have a dirt for face of not to give way, spread all round the tree root by footpath repeatedly went up cast-iron grate, do not make a land bare come out. Singapore Zi politics Li Guangyao has said such word to power sea: "I arrive power sea, with respect to the feeling the elephant returned Singapore. With respect to the feeling the elephant returned Singapore..

On town planning, power sea from mature at the beginning to naturally appearance, adopt coastal water front, surround the bunch of hilltop group type construction, distributing the building ably between Yu Shanhai, formed " hill in the sea medium, city is in hill, medium, person is in Lou Zaishu green in " zoology pattern. Clever floor space layout, fine structure style, your a lot of other places come the tourist that power sea travels gives out click of the tongue to gasp in admiration: Power sea, it is the big garden that a landscape is surrounding simply!

Power sea pays attention to architectural group effect and environmental effect, high-level building of the urban district is not dispersive construction, choose proper place to become however form a delegation construction, build mark sex a sector of an area, do not allow to appear absolutely the horizon line of toothed type and " a Triton of the minnows " dimensional effect, destroy integral form of the city. Drive straight in for escape winter north wind the urban district, when the road in is designing a trend with channel, the urban district all kept away from wind direction; What visit a town to let the sea wind drive with cool and refreshing summer is burning hot, place of mouth of seaside of southeast of power sea city restricts tall building strictly, make sea wind enters downtown continuously, reduce a city " hot island effect " .

The sea is the bosom of power sea. Grow long coasting, was covered to go up by power sea person green anadem, the park connects, among them the biggest is power sea park, nearly 700 thousand square metre, with the sea the cent that it is a problem is area of a few each distinctive, highlight on the whole humanitarian the organic confluence with environment, the design is masterly, construction quality is good, obtained China to build top prize -- Lu Ban award. Maritime park holds a characteristic of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes concurrently, again Ou Shijian builds a style, chinese and Western adds up to example, it provided the room of a recreational, motion to the dweller all round. The night that boards at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern, the outdoor dance pool of time excessive colour, be together the affection couplet of person and sea; Strewn at random have the sculpture that send from the back, be in to the lover steal steal murmurous, taking even sea wind the breath of sweet romance.
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