The first overseas Chinese to dress of Korea of power sea distribute (Sun Shengm

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Turn in power sea urban district casually, can encounter restaurant of the business shop of distribute Han goods and Han Shi, and the dress of Korea wanting number that has distinguishing feature most, power sea already became Korea dress to be in China the biggest distribution centre, and Korea dress is at first in take root of Li Yuan big public house. In hotel predecessor general manager Liu Fengquan's recommend falls, we saw the first overseas Chinese to dress of Korea of power sea distribute -- Sun Shengming.

Mr Sun is very keen-witted and capable, very conversable also. Flee from famine of Sun Zhenbang's teenager goes to his father Korea, sun Shengming was born in Korea 1952. He says the source that had him to set foot on motherland territory for the first time to us: Before 80 time, china and Korea because historical reason, the never in contact with each other of two neighbouring country of a narrow strip of water. And father Sun Zhenbang is missing a grandfather all the time however, it is before he is mortal 1976, also end can return home town to glance, he exhorts repeatedly I have an opportunity to go back certainly old person before last is graveyard. 1990 as gold of bridge annulus enlightened, I returned ancestral home, finish father's last wish. Beyond I am unexpected is, we returned home to be recieved by the enthusiasm of local government for the first time, to us propagandist country is opposite the favourable policy of overseas Chinese, encourage us to make some of trade. At the beginning of 90 time, our country reforming and opening just 12 years, common people still does not calculate rich, many people suspect China consumption level. But I think Chinese market is so big, trade the business is sure the meeting is successful. I produce tried idea at that time. Set foot on power sea the 2nd times, I bring back two packets of cravat, also did not secure management place at that time, but sell one sky very quickly, thereby more sturdy my belief. And just meet manager of Feng Quan of Liu of Li Yuan big public house also sees Korea dress have latent capacity extremely in Chinese market at this moment. We two people happen to have the same view, liu manager is coordinated actively about the branch with power sea city, transform guest room into retail sales room, rent with preferential price case we. And Sun Shengming is publicized energetically through Korea media, then overseas Chinese is mixed Korean will to power sea make dress business in succession, there is many 80 overseas Chinese at that time, sun Shengming thinks very be necessary to establish an organization, coordinate in order to facilitate with place the government is contacted with overseas Chinese interior, he drafts constitution, established labour union of trade of Korea overseas Chinese, hold the position of allow chairman.

Mr Sun has half the time every year to be in China, be in business so old, he feels to two things make him the most excited. The first, the Korea high-quality goods that power sea had become Chinese the name matches the reality is distributing center center. In those days the fire of star, already formed the force of set the prairie ablaze nowadays. Be close to dock power get the better of edifice, harbour edifice, Xin town large building and fortune square all of one suit to manage Korea commodity, everyday trading business volume can be close to 10 million yuan. Content of stream of people flowed to also drive power sea traffic to carry greatly, international airliner by original arrive commonly every week every week 3, domestic flight number arrives directly at home 10 many big in city, power sea fundses raised by oneself built the local railway line that have to bring into countrywide domain formally already also. Guangzhou, Kunming, Shanghai arrives south, north goes to Shenyang, Harbin, chengdu, Lanzhou, Xi'an arrives on the west, the whole nation each are big the city arrives power sea replenish onr's stock. They are fostered hundreds multimillionaire mixes 1 million yuan door. The 2nd, the dress that Weihaisheng produces becomes Korea market leading role gradually, astute power sea person sees Korea dress has so big market, the power sea person of reap where one has not sown of not reconciled to introduced advanced equipment and technology, got supplied materials treatment, power sea became Korea dress to produce base. Lived in Weihaisheng 10 old, mr Sun sees the country is being moved toward step by step powerful, laughing to say: "The nation is richer, we are gladder. Because the country is prosperous and strong, we just have a place in abroad. " " blood is thick at water, experience is less than not be in abroad. " Mr Sun says meaningfully, "1964, explosion of the first atom bomb of Chinese is successful, I skipped gladly to rise. " Mr Sun still tells the lecture that removes him to had listened to economist of an United States in Korea: Economy of the United States at the beginning of 90 time is in decline, and Japanese economy grows continuously. So a lot of Korean value Japan, this expert says Japan is the country with a very strong dependence at that time, if close a door to come, can live those who come down, besides the United States, have China only. This class makes him all one's life unforgettable.
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