Remembered " body earth not 2 "

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I this year 31 years old, the plant runs 4 years ago with the husband. Company of 3 beautiful groups sets our total plant in Korea boiler hill, 3 beauty call accurate and mechanical limited company in this factory of power sea open, get supplied materials treatment, main product is massage bed of bed of natural ore health care and voluntary health care, export the nation such as the United States, Canada and Ou Zhou.

Want those who say this a few years to experience, the enthusiasm that giving me to leave the deepest impression is power sea person and honest and kind. Remember just coming Weihainanian, our person virgin soil is not ripe, look is not had close, do not know to begin from where. Classics ability area is in charge of appoint of the meeting handle affairs personnel resembles be opposite oneself person is same, help us run to run, trashy we hold how many heart, wait for factory chummage hire, business charter relevant formalities does appropriate. I still remember the first container is from Korea boiler hill sent Yantai harbor. Hundreds of kinds of component, should expend very great kongfu gift to finish declare at customs examine, arrive so harbor 3 days two, we had not received money. After power sea trade supervision knows, acquired connection with Yantai trade supervision instantly, carried container, in power sea efficient and fast finished trade supervision, make we be able to on time start working.

This year before the Spring Festival, I and husband discuss, want to do bit of a righteous act undertaken for the public good, the deep love of people of redound power sea. We decide finally, with the equipment that we make, run massage room of a fitness, the power sea person that makes goodness honest uses lowermost consumption, enjoy the most civilized fitness to serve, remove all over the body of scrape up of tired month of their all the year round is tired out. Say to do, we leased a building in UniCom, had ten facility, during the Spring Festival free 20 days, everyday the client is filled with the door. There is a word to cry in Korea " body earth not 2 " , interpret becomes Chinese is " devoted to the land that fosters oneself does not have disloyalty " , we also say so to power sea.

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