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1997, I become city harbor in flourish the town invests open on the west limited company of electron of flourish Cheng Daxian. Be indebted to the support of local government, the company grows very well, was judged to be flourish to invest an enterprise into city optimal foreign trader last year, I myself also am hired to be flourish to become adviser of municipal government economy.

In harbor on the west these a few years, besides the business that has done oneself, I still take on of one's own accord the bagman that enrol business, this also is one of businesses that I deserve pride in China. Come a few years, already had 6 enterprises classics early or late harbor of my recommend settle is pressed down on the west. In native eye, I am a foreign trader; In foreign eye, I am half native. I am in imperceptible in took on a such interesting parts.

1997, big virtuous electron company just holds water, from manage factory building of formalities, lid to recruit production of employee, tissue, all is the job of give a lot of care. Local government and various management department gave me very great help and support, factory from build a plant to product exit, around used time of two many months merely, greatly beyond my expect. The enterprise enters normal movement very quickly, gain month by month is climbed litre, the unfeignedly in my heart feels gratified, to harbor the good impression on the west grows day and day.

In exotic an alien land investment runs a plant, what need most is a kind of safe feeling, this kind feels I am in harbor was found on the west. A thing is touched to me quite big. 1999 before the Spring Festival, han endowment enterprise builds Jiang Shengkuan of president of beautiful limited company mostly, die suddenly due to illness. Much at 3 o'clock afternoon bell, harbor presses down governmental controller to hurry to power sea to handle a funeral affair for its personally on the west. Working party still was sent to garrison an enterprise to assure to stabilize on the town. Ginger president although be dead, but movement of enterprise as usual is managed, his family member comes from Korea take-over enterprise when, whole factory connects a nail to be done not have little.

In harbor the experience that buy course of study invests on the west makes I know the treasure land that allowing this is facilities of a development, I recommend harbor to my friend to the utmost on the west. I in harbor the enterprise on the west also was become " demonstrative dot " , the Han Shang that invests to power sea of purpose, what think of above all is to go to my enterprise to have a look, hear my opinion.

1998, mr Jin Jingzhen is recommended energetically via me, come harbor invests on the west established limited company of electron of Mo Er spy, after this has Dong Jiong in succession again electron of dress, Feng Zhen, big into optical, new friend a few Han such as electron of electron, big a person of extraordinary powers endowment the enterprise passes me this bagman is in harbor on the west settle, total investment reachs 7 million dollar. Current, the town has become harbor on the west famous foreign capital town, the foreign enterprise that presses down put into production completely shares 18, domestic home gain.
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