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As a Korea reporter, I notice, as China Shen Ao succeeds and join WTO formally, korea travelling merchant values China's good economy to go situation, heat of an investment China is in sadly arisen. Power sea, more and more the hot land that makes Korea business investment.

Power sea city is the closest from Korea China coastal city, already had company of foreign capital of Home 20O0 much nowadays. Having 1026 among them is Han endowment enterprise, exceeded the in part of gross. Power sea is having of long standing and well established communication history with Korea from of old. After Sino-South Korean two countries established diplomatic relations 1992, the classics trade dealings between power sea and Korea is more frequent, economy gets developing quickly, nowadays power sea city year average economy increase rate is near 20 % .

In the bazaar of large general merchandise of power sea city, you can find Suo Ni, SamSung, LG easily such high-grade entrance product, get like they and Chinese brand of local people love. Resemble power sea such China is coastal city, can obtain so rapid development, a main reason, it is these cities developed adequately with the periphery such as Korea, Japan the country is apart from close advantage, develop to communicate via trade external energetically, the government is active at the same time enrol business activity to also rise to urban progress external very big urge action.

Power sea person is having friendly attitude generally to Korea, and power sea is having clean urban environment, traffic advantage, environment quality of beautiful, labour force is high, labour force price compares petty gain relatively, other city place cannot compare these.

Korea Zhong Heyi sends Piao Zhong of limited company president 8 express: No matter look from the history, still look from ground predestined relationship, power sea is the closest from Korea, it is the hot earth that Korea medium and small businesses invests. Power sea city values the capital attraction job of pair of Korea medium and small businesses particularly, local municipal government offers a lot of consideration and help to the enterprise that already invested. Because had a such favorable investment climate,be, come the Han that power sea investment builds a plant endowment enterprise 90 % above is gain, add endowment enterprise also grow in quantity of year after year. Expanding economy while, can last what power sea city also pays attention to a city particularly development, maintaining oneself beautiful home to the utmost. The capital attraction of power sea city, besides the company with particularly high water of the company that has pollution, company with particularly can high cost, bad news, of the others welcome. Among them, component of mechanical, electron, information, car these industries are the most welcome.

Nowadays, investment China is hot once more arisen, a lot of international enterprises valued development perspective of China, the plan starts line of business to Chinese investment. Power sea, it is one of first selection cities that Korea entrepreneur invests in China.
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