Investment permits the optimal choice of course of study

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I call Li Qingfu, it is general manager of limited company of portfolio of Wen Dengtian horse, power sea Korea invests industry association vice-chairman.

1995, the introduction that passes a friend and make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, I am in civil bourg of the Song Dynasty that enter town invests 300 thousand dollar, build the Wen Dengtian of ─ of ─ of solely invested enterprise that rose to be given priority to in order to machine portfolio leather equestrian portfolio limited company. In 7 years, the 5O0 much person that company worker adds to now by 100 much people, I did not think of this at the outset. Make I more what expect is less than is, I already cannot leave Song Cun now. Song Cun is the optimal choice that my investment starts line of business, I should work for a long time here go down.

At the outset, before I choose to invest in Song Cun, ever also had reached a lot of places such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Dalian. After reaching power of great capacity, here beautiful environment, beautiful city, the people of goodness of a person's mind left very good impression to me. Condition of power sea sea, land, empty traffic is very good, very as close as Korea, have the airport, have harbour, high speed way develops. Come a few this years of power sea Korean increasing, won't say Chinese also nevers mind, the language chats very convenient also, won't have alone feeling here. High-grade restaurant, guesthouse is everywhere, golf field, bowling house also gradually much rise, recreational establishment and Korea photograph are compared also different of it doesn't matter.

What make me satisfactory most is the service with local government considerate enthusiasm. Will reach person ground suddenly first two unripe, difficulty is opposite more. But after hitting me to Song Cun oneself, got Song Cun presses down a government hammer and tongs help. Town government arranges person specially assigned for a task to understand a situation to enterprise of our foreign capital once a week, never discontinuous. My worker became much the dormitory is used not quite, they are my pull wires, in a house owned by a citizen with place where troops are stationed and adjacent village unused hire. I should raise a machine, electric power is used not quite, they help bureau of trade of my leakage of electricity deal with the formalities that add a look. Some worker families work in Song Cun, the their filial start going to a nursery, thing government that go to school was wrapped completely. Town government still set vegetable terminal market on the town, civilian grain shop, established special environmental sanitation place, clear away production and life rubbish into our factory everyday. Even if is bagatelle, also think very hand and foot for us in the town. Difficulty wants to make acoustical call to the government only, go up to solve with respect to the horse, this make enterprise of our foreign capital well-content.

This year, the company needs enlarge to enrol many 100 skilled woman worker. Recruit in this locality have difficulty, we reflect government of this difficult Xiangzhen, labour of the arrangement on town government horse does be in charge of solving. The staff member that labour does arrives for many times bank and other places of city, He lustre, Linyi recruits a worker for us, bank state work bureau still sends a person to come to a company make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, and was signed with us carry the contract of skilled woman worker every year, settled our a pressing need.
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