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Came 1995 between 1996, I ever came for many times power sea makes an on-the-spot investigation. Here advantageous situation, clean, beautiful environment, attracted me instantly, make I arose to invest the idea that builds a plant here, however the site of factory did not come down surely tardy however.

At this moment, civil the Tian Fulu that enter town is street agency after Yu Yijiang of secretary of Party branch of 5 lis of Zhuang Cun handles the case that is informed me from the friend, go to power sea and me to negotiate for many times. Becoming me to hear of 5 lis of villages is only after the hamlet of 120 other peoples, I am indecisive. At the secretary however put oneself out of the way, go to power sea 6 times to do my work early or late. I was touched by his sincerity, the decision runs a plant in investment of 5 lis of banks. Do not use 3 months time to build the factory building that had to cover an area of nearly 2000 square metre only at the secretary, help me deal with all sorts of formalities. In June 1996, hua Zhen of my ─ of ─ of the first enterprise in power sea knits unlined upper garment limited company is formal put into production, obtained considerable economic benefits in those days.

Just when my company profit twice grows when, the disaster of an arise suddenly arrived. A day was July 1997 then midday, loom workshop appears suddenly billow smother. Had not waited for me to had answered a god to come, conflagration already burned roof. One a very short time that, my cerebra a blank, feel not know what to do. The villager of 5 lis of villages people come in time, helped me put out conflagration. Hoping to just build the workshop that rise and hundred thousands of yuan equipment, raw material to burn danger,

My heart grey meaning is cold. Come to me again at the secretary here, with me hurried genu grows talk. Make I restored to do the confidence of the factory afresh. At that time, I cast all savings almost was in in the factory, restore production to already did not have capital again. Jeopardy during, at clerical side I rebuild workshop, the villager people the factory that also comes to me in succession, attend compulsory work. Many villagers returned free to take wood, brick, workshop is very fast repair anew. 5 lis of Zhuang Cun appoint invested close 3O to purchase equipment and raw material 10 thousand yuan for me again, the factory threw production very quickly afresh.

Although this thing goes a few years, but I never forget. Every time when I go back to the motherland, I introduce power sea at once to kin friends, introductory article is ascended, introduce 5 lis of villages.

Below my recommend, hua Xing knitted unlined upper garment 1998 limited company falls in this village door, power sea entered handicraft limited company newly to run a plant to this village investment 2001. We enterprise of 3 foreign capital, the 100 much people that are this village offerred obtain employment opportunity. We will be in for a long time 5 lis of Zhuang Gan go down, for Wen Dengjing the prosperity of aid makes the contribution that gives his.
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