I am in power sea these 10 years

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10 years ago, I cherish good longing to be famous in abroad power sea, the decision is in civil department of office of investment of town of hill of the Qing that enter town. Come 10 years, I this person of exotic an alien land, witnessed the tremendous change that produces on power sea earth, the ongoing footstep with the Shan Zhenkeng strong clang of investment ground Qing that heard me.

1992, I regard the first abroad as investor, in civil Shan Zhencheng of the Qing that enter town established a star craft furniture limited company. Found company initial stage, I with respect to government of place of gasp in admiration handle affairs efficiency. Invest a contract to be signed, town government makes the best of time to build factory building, establishment of water of form a complete set, report, communication, 35 days had done to do business for me charter, the member that and take the place of cultivated contact of branch of the member that declare at customs, external affairs, assist me to hire at the same time, make I am preparing all difficult problem that when building a plant, encounter be readily solved, successful go into operation runs the company.

In 10 years, local government is not only to me on the job support of your kind effort, and take care of in what in every possible way also gave on the life. Every time when I spend birthday, they deliver a gift to congratulate for me. Once I fall ill, the government sends a car in time to send me to the hospital to see a doctor, send a person to take care of me, till me till heal. In Korea, christmas is a main festival, qing hill town is annual the custom according to Korea, conduct congratulatory activity for us. In 10 years, most the social order that allows what I am at ease to still here is stabilized and favorable public security situation, make my life, job is here already Shu Xin, be at ease again. In my memory, come 10 years, inside area of garden of industry of our foreign trader, had not produced public security case and criminal case one case.

The employee that the person here includes me inside, love study, abide by discipline is abide by the law, the urge for improvement is strong. One day in the evening, I go to employee dormitory perambulatory, discover an employee is lowering his head to read a book. The interpreter tells me, what she looks is " labor law " . I am moved by the study spirit place of this employee. I think, I also should learn Chinese law well. Later, on faculty congress, I ask employee strengthens study, learn a skill, learn law, accomplish know a way, understand law, abide by the law. In the meantime, I also ask employee raises rationalize proposal more to me, make I take roundabout way less, do not take roundabout way, safeguard the rights and interests of good employee.

Everything what experience 10 this years personally in Qing hill, I with epistolary form, told in detail far the family in Korea. The good place that two my daughters also found investment to start line of business for me and glad. Those who be the hill that appreciates power sea and Qing hill, water, city, person is elegant, two my daughters should take out the time of a week every year, will go sightseeing to power sea visit. They say gladly: "Power lake is too beautiful really, we also should come here to invest development after. We also should come here to invest development after..
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