My Chinese predestined relationship

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1997, I take up the post of the electronic company with the biggest at that time investment of business of Shandong province Han -- flourish is geminate too the general manager of electronic limited company. Before coming to China, I am merely to Chinese understanding " person much ground is wide " . Arrived flourish is become, my the first impression is here hill Qing Shuixiu, shamrock sea greens jade, the environment is beautiful, climate is delightful. And add gradually as what contact into people with flourish much, I more feel, beautiful woman of here Shan Meishui is more beautiful.

Will arrive suddenly first, life ground is not familiar, I have a lot of things to want to do and do not know from why proceed with. Every time this moment, local government always reachs the hand of the help in time. I like a football, see amateur of a few young workers lives drabber, I plan to build a football ground inside company courtyard. After flourish knows into the cadres of economic technology development, help me actively look for the forklift and bulldozer, be less than time of a day, fostered cordial relations between states the football ground of a level off. Double great-grandfather department is located relief is more low-lying, monsoon is easy seeper, all mechanism cadre of the developing zone uses the time on the weekend, help us had dug nearly 200 meters barrel-drain.

Such business is very much, this lets me feel, flourish did not take me into people when alien, from this, I also regard myself as flourish adult gradually. On my desk, always putting national flag of one side China; In my enterprise, what other department uses is the air conditioning of Korea brand, what alone uses in my office is medium homebred " sea Er " .

I have fun at to everything Chinese. Of the job, I love to read, of China " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " , " red Lou Meng " wait for classic famous work I had been read, and be very serious ground had read. My constant says to worker of a few China, " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " a few stories in, be afraid I am even clearer than you.

Suffer my effect, my family and China also had deep feeling. My madam ever taught in Yantai university, just return Korea till last year; My son once was in China in grain industry college learned Chinese one year, annual summer vacation, he learns again to Fudan University even. I hope my son has an opportunity to be able to work to China in the future.

The likelihood is the effect that suffers Chinese traditional culture, I am much when running a company the milk of human kindness of type of a few minutes of China. Which worker is ill, I want to be visited to the hospital; Which worker manages a wedding, I also should serve a gift from dig down; Some workers two ground live apart, I go to bilateral attune one case with respect to try every means. Current, double great-grandfather department has in pairs of nearly 30 pairs of husband and wife to work here.

Now, in the job that I had blended in China and life. Every time the Spring Festival meets, when I and workers pay a New Year call each other together, I can feel, my genuine from Chinese already very close very close.
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