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March 2000, I take office as general manager of limited company of equipment of Shandong SamSung communication. On the history of Shandong SamSung, I am the 5th general manager.

Shandong SamSung held water in March 1993, it is one of foreign investment companies that enter development of estate of power sea hi-tech the earliest. The company saves tripartite of Inc. of group of electric equipment of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning of post and telecommunications office, power sea and Korea SamSung company limited to invest initiate jointly by Shandong, the research that pursues communication and electronic product technically, development, production and sale. Shandong SamSung in October 1993 put into production, the product at that time is small-sized switching equipment. Machine of this kind of small-sized commutation suits very much post and telecommunications office of Chinese villages and towns is used at that time, market is very good. Accordingly, come from 1994 1996, company all the time gain.

During this, chinese south rose abruptly 5 products specifications the programmed control switching equipment with admirable, low price factory, the product of Shandong SamSung suffers cold shoulder immediately. Add the effect of Asian banking crisis, come from 1997 1999, shandong SamSung is successive deficit. But fall in the help of headquarters and local government, we enter the right path very quickly.

Actually, early of Korea SamSung headquarters noticed the corner of Shandong SamSung. 1996, korea SamSung headquarters shifts the production that heats up quick type electrograph Shandong SamSung entirely. But because scope is little, capital have enough to meet need does not come over, this changes the difficult position that the measure of the product did not change Shandong SamSung completely.

2000, korea SamSung headquarters prepares to build the manufacturer of electrograph of a production, printer in abroad, I am in charge of inspecting choice site. And other places of the Guangzhou that we had gone to Indonesia and China early or late, Tianjin undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation, select site finally in power sea.

We choose power sea to have two reasons: One is an overseas business that Shandong SamSung is Korea SamSung, we do not want to let Shandong SamSung close, affect the reputation of Korea SamSung. Power sea municipal government and high skill area are in charge of appoint the support of the meeting, it is another when make us choose power sea main reason. Power sea municipal government and high skill area are in charge of appoint the meeting is considerate to the enterprise meticulous service, I did not see elsewhere in China. For example, the rate with more regular drawback of goods of our imports and exports, exit is rapid, power sea custom, power sea examines quarantine bureau gave in the business of imports and exports of our company preferential close, the policy of preferential discharged. The raw material that we import had arrived that day now, took a plant that day, stop without goods among period, than regular rate at least fast a day, shortened production is periodic, improved manufacturing efficiency greatly. Exit drawback procedure is simple, efficiency is tall, for us the company is managing a large number of capital. The capital of our company is annual now have enough to meet need 3, completely normal. High skill area is in charge of appoint can be the development that supports our company, not hesitate invest to repair road, installation technically for Shandong SamSung gigantic street lamp, do afforest, created favorable external environment for us. In the meantime, still made the more favourable requirement that enrol business, encourage the enterprise that is Shandong SamSung form a complete set to take region production, in order to reduce the manufacturing cost of Shandong SamSung, have Yingtepu the enterprise of 4 form a complete set such as electronic limited company enters an area.
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