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An accidental opportunity, a few professors of school of power sea cent took the Harbin Institute of Technology that I visit Han together one case. Chat through development, I generated interest to China. On January 4, 1993, power sea became me to visit the first station of China, next I visited the numerous town such as Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin again. Visit this, my saw with one's own eyes saw Chinese economy is swift and violent the impetus of development, sturdy the faith that I invest China.

Power sea is the most beautiful city that I see in China. It is having superior environment, hill sea is linked together, the scenery is beautiful, lie between sea facies to look with Korea, communication is easy. More important is, power sea people is honest and enthusiastic, be happy to help a person. Although power sea is in at that time,the infrastructure respect such as communication, traffic, electric power returns existence to be not worth, there also are a lot of discomforts in life respect, but I believe these problems are in can solve not far in the future.

On April 15, 1993, I resolutely in power lake be surrounded by mountains green division established power sea Zhong Heyi to send limited company. Carry out a proof, my decision is correct.

Come a few this years, I witnessed the development of power sea, my company also expands as the development of power sea ceaselessly. The infrastructure of power sea builds change with each passing day, communication, traffic, electric power is convenient and clinking. For the foreigner especially the place of Korean service increases ceaselessly, built numerous public house, built golf field. I live to had lived in home together in Weihaisheng the difference is not big, early did not have the feeling that lives in foreign land. What be worth to be carried especially is, power sea city builds medium foresight judicious judgment in the city. As economic development, power sea the environment but durative development is put in the first place, the environment of power sea becomes more and more beautiful, it is truly " the model city that optimum mankind lives " one of. My body is close friends than be being returned 10 years ago. I had bought housing in power sea, my the 2nd native place was become here, my second half is unripe will spend in power sea.

Because power sea is advantageous humanitarian with environment, I hope I more friends come to power sea investment, job and life. For this, during I am holding the position of chairman of association of Korea medium and small businesses, introduced a lot of enterprises to come power sea invests. The enterprise dimensions of myself also expands ceaselessly, and attracted the investment of the United States and Japan.

Chinese happy event is ceaseless 2001, it is success of Beijing application Olympic Games first, back-to-back success joins WTO, team of Chinese man football infiltrates first world cup final. Be in for while China is glad, my enterprise already obtained flying development. The company was the product that world cup football match produced 2002 technically to had obtained the formal license of HFA, on the world cup competition ground June, the IMAGIG that everybody will see our company is produced, RACHEL, FOR ME 3 kinds of products have dance on bleachers.
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