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Into hilltop

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Into hilltop scenery travel area is located in flourish to become hill mountain chain into city most east upright, get a name to become mountain stronghold so. Into hilltop altitude 200 meters, north and south grows 2 kilometers, the thing is wide 1.5 kilometers, area 2.5 square kilometer. Here and Korea lie between sea facies to look, be apart from 94 sea mile only, it is Liu Hai has sex of place most east upright, it is the place that sees maritime sunrise the earliest, be known as so " the sun opens the place that rise " , have again " China is good look at horn " say. Into hilltop 3 annulus sea, receive land at the same time, group the peak is verdant and continuous, sea vast dark blue, cliff imposing, billow flying snow, imposing manner is grand, it is ideal travel summer resort. 1988, it is approved to be by the State Council " national level scenery scenic spot area " .

Qin Daili stoneR012.jpg (42733 Bytes)Generation of the Qin Dynasty establishs stone: Qin Shi emperor east make one's rounds arrives hilltop, li Si of life prime minister writes down: "Door of day end Qin Dong " , consistent tablet supports at becoming hilltop hill peak, because time is ages ago, monument snaps two chunk, on half have word part to fall into the sea, the base of existent summit is 120 centimeters tall, 145 centimeters wide, thick 75 centimeters. According to expert textual research: This tablet stone is aqueous rock character, differ character with Cheng Shanshi, it is Qin Daili stone truly.
  of day end   on October 23, 1984, comrade Hu Yaobang inspects hilltop, see at the moment sea day. Sea grand writings brush, cliff imposing, billow flying snow, imposing manner extensive grand grand, han Guyun of feeling copy the Qin Dynasty, can't help having feel and send, brandish pen personal letter " feel an upsurge of emotion " , " at the day " 7 words, "At the day " 3 words establish tablet hereat, tablet tall 180cm, tablet wide 85cm, tablet thick 35cm.

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Qin Qiao is vestigial

Qin Qiao is vestigial emperor of Qin Shi of according to legend east make one's rounds comes hilltop, should build a big bridge to be mixed to sunrise of view of the eastern side here seek celestial being drug. He sends a person to carry stone fills sea bridging day and night. Touched the Dragon King of the East China Sea, nereus of life of the Dragon King helps bridging. Nereus between one night bridging more than 40 lis. Only then emperor wills be very obliged, want Nereus of thank sb in person. Nereus says " I am long too ugly, want what do not draw me to resemble only, wish to meet with the monarch. " who knows only then emperor does not keep good faith, let painter hide at craftsman in, drew Nereus. After Nereus is aware of, very angry, reprimand only then emperor break a contact, destroy the bridge instantly and go, leave 4 pier only. " 3 neat jot " have carry Qin Shi emperor to be in the thing of hill bridging.
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