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Liu Gong temple

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Liu fair temple is to be commemorative the Eastern Han Dynasty of argue of little emperor Liu child it is Liu Min and do good works of its madam accumulate virtue, difficult to help danger up to save and the temple of an ancestral temple that build. On the history, wait for a reason as a result of natural disaster, chaos caused by war, this temple ever moved several times location, after many repair, but burning incense is ceaseless all the time. (the cornstalk that Liu Bian is Han Ling Di Liuhong, chinese the elder brother of the Liu Xie that display the Supreme Being. When v/arc be on the throne of Han Ling emperor, argue establishing Liu is prince, after Liu Hong is dead, liu argue succession, history weigh little emperor. At that time, dong Zhuo controls affairs of state, he and Liu argue are on bad terms, liu argue accession before long namely by Dong Zhuo depose, dong Zhuo changes establish Liu Xie to be the Supreme Being, namely last emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty -- Chinese display the Supreme Being) present Liu Gong temple was 1994 by Liu Gong the island is in charge of appoint can invest to be built many yuan 400, cover an area of 6000 square metre, position of adoption copy clear siheyun, include main hall " Hai Zhiguang " , slant twice hall -- through the ages sheds vicissitudes of life of island of fragrant He Qiong, still have two bells drum-tower. Meet too bell drum-tower can be ascended if everybody has interest, learn the artistic concept that morning bell dusk rouses. Knock Zhong Hui 4 times to bring happiness of blessing salary life to you, attack next 6 beat to be able to let you 66 arrange greatly, at every turn is satisfactory.  above all, we arrive the hall slants to look on the west. The origin of fair temple of the beautiful story that the hall slanted to basically tell about mother of Liu Gong, Liu on the west and Liu, the hall slanted to basically tell about the historical evolution of Liu Gong island east. These mural that we see are to use a variety of 1000 cost carve of costly natural jade essence is fine embed and become, it is our country north what see inaccessibly is giant curiosa of jade carving art.

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