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Braise in soy sauce is holothurian

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[raw material]
Dip hair is holothurian 900 grams, wet squid 50 grams, wet dried mushrooms, go up soup 400 grams, 2 soup 750 grams, gourmet powder 10 grams, oyster sauce 10 grams, often take 10 grams, lardy 100 grams, sesame oil 1 gram, pepper 0.05 grams, wet starch 10 grams, jiang Pian, green each 15 grams.  
[make a way]
Will send holothurian cent to cut grow 6 centimeters, 3 centimeters wide strip, reoccupy clear water has boiled. Below boiler of fierce baked wheaten cake lardy 25 grams, explode sweet Jiang Pian, green, leave ginger juice alcoholic drink, put 2 soup, refined salt, holothurian cook over a slow fire to appear, take out filter to do moisture, green of take out ginger. High heat burns boiler, put lardy 50 grams, next yellow rice or millet wine, go up makings of soup, holothurian, flavour, make an appointment with stew 5 minutes, put squid, dried mushrooms again, hit Gorgon euryale with wet starch, join often smoke reach bright oil 25 grams, sesame oil is become.
[characteristic] soft slip full-bodied.

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