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Scamper sea crab

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[raw material]
Sea crab 2 (about 700 grams) , salt 2 grams, cooking wine 5 milliliter, chili pink 10 grams, peanut oil 100 grams.
[the process that make]
1, build hilum of sea crab take out and crab, rinse clean after eliminate is branchial, suitable chop becomes two, pink of wine of the feed in raw material in putting a basin, gourmet powder, salt, chili bloats a short while.
2, get angry of round-bottomed frying pan, infuse peanut oil is burned to 8 into heat, dip in place of section of sea crab blade on after starch, when into oil scamper shows golden scene, scoop, two half crab spells nice yard to enter dish in. Crab lid also shows bare scene into the blast in oil, the lid recovers from an illness in the extensive on scamper crab appearance is become namely.
[gust characteristic]
Gong Chi is lubricious, xian Xiang is hot, qualitative tender taste is little.

One, just gave freezer

Appearance is cleaned

Open chamber to defeat abdomen

Big discharge 8, condiments adj/LIT wide is made

Enter boiler decoct blast

Lubricious fragrance is complete, give boiler

Delicate cate, the entrance

Actually I did cooking crab twice today, midday when it is to steam, the effect is not too good, dinner when only

The door searched the practice of crab on the net, the result discovers " scamper " the method is very applicable, below I an among them a few idea are general

Cloth is as follows:

One, go to sea crab hilum, hard lid, cheek and ungual needle, perpendicular knife is cut two half, after becoming 8 down chop of ministry of crab leg root, bloat 10 minutes with cooking wine, salt.

2, fire of the flourishing on round-bottomed frying pan, burn vegetable oil to 9 into heat, dip in point of blade of sea crab leg on the blast in doing starch to put oil comes the fish out when golden color, accuse oil to be put dish in.

3, rice vinegar, balm is divided into 2 bowls, ginger end cent installs 2 dish, go up together along with crab desk can.
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