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Li of boiler fan sea child

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[advocate expect]
Li of only of great capacity child the flesh 250 grams, egg 250 grams.
Ginger of vinegar of balm, rice, green is oily each 10 grams, cooking wine 10 grams, salt 3 grams, wool ginger water 15 grams, flour 5 grams, chicken broth 100 grams.
[make a way]
(1) comes loose egg agitate join Mao Jiang water, salt is smooth, shortbread sea Li child after the flesh wraps divide evenly, in putting egg liquid again, mix divide evenly.
(2) pan get angry burns green ginger oil to 6 when becoming heat, the sea Li fluid of the egg that wrap divide evenly child the flesh is put, the edge holds pan of the roll that change a limit in the palm with hand spoon, wait for one side decoct after other one side of Huang Zai decoct, boil enters cooking wine, join chicken broth, use small fire cook over a slow fire a few minutes, wait for Shang Zhishou to drench rice vinegar, balm is become namely again completely.
Colour and lustre is golden, fresh and tender and delicious.

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